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About Us

Creative. Professional. Detail-Oriented.

    My passion for content creation began in elementary school. After years of working on the school's TV production morning announcements, I decided to attend Miami Lakes Educational Center and graduated high school with a technical degree in Television Production. At Florida International University, I continued my studies in TV production, Journalism and Photography. There I interned and worked for NBC6's news production team. As my family grew, I started freelancing as a video editor for several videographers. Ultimately, my goal was always to create my own production company with my family, which is when Reel Times was built. It was the perfect way to combine our passion for travel, spending time together, and creating content into one space.

     As a professional Videography and Photography Company, our main goal is to use our talent to showcase the raw emotion behind each event in an artistic and appealing way.

    We love working with people and find the human aspect inspirational. Contact us to find out what we can do for your next event.

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